Hi, do you admit you are a sunrise hunter? Bored of sunrise and mainstream attractions?

Try to search “Puthuk Setumbu” on your gadget.

Puthuk Setumbu is one of the tourist attractions in Magelang, its location is not far from Borobudur Temple. You can use “Google Map or Waze” to help your journey! Oh yes, besides sunrise you can enjoy the natural view in Punthuk Setumbu, which is opened at 4 am – 5 pm.

Hmmm… like a proverb “Kill two birds with one stone” or “One stroke at the paddle, two and three islands have passed”, after being satisfied with sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu, please don’t rush to go home! You can stop by to the “Prayer House on the hill” which is only about 7 minutes away from Punthuk Setumbu “. Don’t you feel losing something if you don’t stop by, do you? You can explore and improve your experience while enjoying your refreshing moment, haha…

Imagine, you can see the unique dove-shaped building on the hill! Hahaha.. Yep, that’s “Bukit Rhema” Prayer House! You can also see sunrise here, which is as beautiful as others. Bukit Rhema is regularly opened at 5 am – 4.30 pm. So if you are from Punthuk Setumbu, while going down from there, you can stop by to “Bukit Rhema” Prayer House.

A little info, “Bukit Rhema” Prayer House is one of the attractions of religious tourism built by Daniel Alamsjah started in 1992 and until now is still 60%, Well… If you admit that you are a true traveler and want to promote tourism in Indonesia, just “Visit and Repeat” to the Bukit Rhema Prayer House. The price of entrance ticket is only IDR 15,000,- / person for local tourist and IDR 30,000,- / person for foreign tourist and if you are spoiled to walk up to the hill, there is jeep facility with the price of Rp 7.000 / person for one-way travel. How? Interesting, right?

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In accordance with the vision & mission of Bukit Rhema Prayer House “House of Prayer for All Nations”, so, whoever you are and from wherever you are, don’t forget to give thanks and pray to God. Well, that is why i give the tittle as “a heaven of light behind the hill?” Because besides sunrise you want to enjoy, there is also another light you guys must have, those are the light of heart, the light of life and later we crave for the light of heaven.

Do not forget, after being satisfied of taking pictures in Bukit Rhema, you shall upload it to all your social media accounts, then if you guys Instagram users do not forget to tag @BukitRhema and be a cool traveler! Haha… How? Do you still refuse and hesitate to visit both tourist destinations that will change your perspective! Not only traveling and fun, but also there are lessons that we can gain in that day. Thanks, Don’t Miss it!

Written by Citanisa

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