Gathering is an annual agenda that is very effective for improving intimacy and warmth relationship. One important thing at the same time that must be prepared before you do a gathering is to choose the location. Site selection becomes very important, considering the excitement of the event will also be greatly influenced by the location where the event will take place.

Of course, it takes careful thought with a variety of considerations before you determine a suitable location as a perfect place for your family or company gathering. Because the gathering event is conceptualized as an event for refreshing and beating tiredness.The location like tourist attraction or adjacent to it, is indeed a recommended place.

One of the tourist attractions that is also very suitable to be used as a place of gathering is cultural tourism of Borobudur Temple and the surrounding areas. This rural area which is surrounded by paddy fields and hills offers several alternatives to create exciting gathering for you. So, what are they? Here’s the description for you.

Sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu – Chicken Church – Cycling Tours

Enjoying the exotic sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu and the Chicken Church (Bukit Rhema) is indeed a valuable experience that you should try. Beautiful reddish color of sunlight from the majestic mangroves of Mount Merapi and Merbabu is an amazing moment of the universe, coupled with views of the other side of Borobudur temple covered with morning mist, enhancing to the impression that not only majestic, but also quiet and full of magic.

After enjoying the beautiful sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu, the gathering event can be continued with a tour to Punthuk Setumbu – Chicken Church. Because the distance between them is only about 200 meters, you can reach it on foot from Punthuk Setumbu to the Chicken Church (Bukit Rhema). You also do not need to worry because the road between the two places is very far from the impression of steep like in the hill in general, since the road has been proven to be safe and comfortable.

In Bukit Rhema or better known as Chicken Church, you can enjoy the uniqueness of this building which is called the house of worship “servant of God”. In the morning you can also enjoy the natural panorama from the top of the building that is shaped like a crown of chicken. The typical gathering activities such as ice breaking and warming up can also be done in this House of Prayer. The nearby bamboo gardens can be made as a place for breakfast with family or colleagues.

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After that, the event continued with cycling tour while enjoying the cool and beautiful views of the morning in rural areas around the foothill. You can also stop at the tourist villages around the Borobudur Temple, to see directly the activity of craftsmen painting the patchwork, craftsmen of pottery, and batik crafters. Even, you can also intervene directly to try it.

Andong Wisata Tilik Ndeso

Besides cycling, you can hold a gathering while trying the traditional Andong / dokar to some places around Borobudur temple. You can enjoy the view of the rice field area stretching far under the foot of the hill, completed with the activities of its community, from the top of this Horse-Drawn Vehicle. You can also visit the tourist village of Borobudur, as well as see the folk craft center (such as pottery and batik), and several other art and cultural galleries.

Cycling Amazing Race

If you usually enjoy an amazing race in urban areas, now you should try fun outing activities with the concept of amazing race in the area of rice fields and villages. The amazing race is not always about the rice field area. Because you will also visit some temples that functioned as a challenge outpost.

So, this gathering activity begins by doing ice breaking which then proceed with grouping (group division). In each group will be provided “onthel bike” (bicycle) according to the number of group members, and each group must race to complete challenges spread across the multiple postal locations. These posts include Sambisari Temple, Sarialasan Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Plaosan Temple. Well, from one temple route to another temple, you have to pass the area of rice fields and villages.

It will be full of fun, right? Since this exciting activity not only contains elements of recreation, It also improves intimacy and solidarity (team work). Moreover, this activity also has social element, considering in one of the game, each group is obliged to share tumpeng (cone-shaped rice dish with side dishes of vegetables and meat) or food for local people.

So how? Are you interested to hold an exciting gathering in Borobudur?

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