Right on February 25, 2017, Saturday last week, in Bawang Hamlet, Ngadirejo Village, Salaman, Magelang Regency, Reptile Rescue Borobudur was inaugurated.

On the first day of the inauguration of Reptile Rescue Borobudur began with parade, where several species of reptiles, such as snakes, lizards and crocodiles, were joined to the procession, then it continued with the performance of wayang reptile (reptile shadow puppet) traditional dance arts. The festival was more rousing with the race for climbing areca.

In the evening, the event was enlivened with the various performances, such as poetry musicals and contemporary dances, followed by traditional dance, performances from the iguana community and extreme performance from the snake community.

On the second day, on February 26, 2017, the event began with coloring contest for children, this activity was also interspersed with the introduction of some types of reptiles to the children, so it was expected that the ecosystem would be better maintained.

Then the event continued with children singing contest. During the day, the event was re-enlivened with various performances of traditional dances, live music performances and the festivities of the event fired up with the race for areca climbing again.

You must know that, the inauguration Reptile Rescue Borobudur is a community cooperation between reptile lovers in Bawang Hamlet that has been performed since the last 20 years.

The purpose of the inauguration of Reptile Rescue Borobudur is to preserve reptiles, especially snakes, and as an effort to preserve the environment.

It is important for you to understand that, Reptile Rescue Borobudur is not a zoo, because this place is preferred for education, education about reptile to the community, which aims to keep the ecosystem since in the recent times people are more careless towards the nature.

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Nowadays many people are phobic (excessive fears) when seeing / encountering reptiles, especially snakes. Most people tend to run / dodge, there are also people who immediately take fatal action, such as killing the snakes; though the snake itself in the ecosystem has a very important role, a simple example is to prey rodent pests in the forest / rice fields and other pests.

There are various reptiles in Reptile Rescue Borobudur. Especially for the snake itself, in Reptile Rescue Borobudur there are more than 100 snakes with some variety of sizes. There are at least 25 types of snakes that are not poisonous and about 4 types of venomous snakes.

Through Reptile Rescue Borobudur it is expected to be used for educational / learning media  in order to recognize reptiles, especially snakes, and people can distinguish which species are venomous and non-venomous and later people can understand, how to take action when dealing with snakes without taking harmful action that may damage the existing ecosystem.

Source : goborobudur.com / Sulis Tri