The Indonesian Employers’ Association asked President Joko Widodo not to hesitate to eradicate the false news or hoaxes, which are currently circulating in social media. Therefore, it threatens the sustainability of the business world.

Chairman of the Apindo Advisory Board Sofjan Wanandi admitted worried, if the government does not be firm against the spreader of irresponsible issues, it will certainly disturb the interests of investors who want to invest their capital into Indonesia.

“If (hoax) rolls, we will never know what is right and what is not,” said Sofjan, in a discussion in Jakarta, Monday, January 23th, 2017.

Sofjan exemplifies, one of the losses if the news hoax spreaders are not dealt with. One of them, from the tourism sector. Sofjan admitted, there are already some foreign tourists who hesitate to visit Indonesia, because circulating news that is not true.

As a result with this, the Vice President’s Expert Team said he was worried that the government plan to bring foreign tourists could be disrupted. Moreover, the Head of State has just raised the target of tourists in the next five years to 20 million tourists.

“Regardless, all these indications make us worry. This we have to finish. I think law enforcement is number one, “he said.