Daniel Alamsjah was born in Lampung, October 17, 1943, Daniel’s youth was not a good youth, since he was born in a very simple family so that he passed the days with full of sad story. Almost every day he only ate corn and when he ate rice, he often found the rice mixed with a lot of small gravels.

He had worked as a coolie for a truck owner for almost two years with the task to load and unload bricks. Whether there’s any load or not, raining or not, Daniel has to stay on the back of the truck. Eventually Daniel fell ill and was diagnosed by a doctor suffering lung disease.

With no money for treatment, he just relied on God alone. At that time Daniel was a member of GBI Rawabebek. Pastor Sukarno then routinely prayed for Daniel’s healing. Miracles of healing appeared so that he could be accepted in export & import trading company that required health test report. He passed the health test because his lungs had healed.

Then Daniel was a self-taught learner to study about customs (Bomzaken) which in 1972 was sought after by companies in Indonesia. Finally Daniel could open an export-import course through his Bomzaken / customs experience that he had learned. His students were widely spread throughout Indonesia.

In 1978 God’s mercy again affected his life, Daniel was accepted at one of the leading foreign companies in Jakarta. Though he was only a graduate of the Sekolah Rakyat (Currently known as Elementary School), his career in this company continued to rise, even the managers / expatriates learned export-import from him.

Through his work in this foreign company, his economic condition was improving, he could buy a house in Jatiwaringin area and bought a car and opened a printing business.

At that time he made his private home for Confederation worship place, even Daniel became the pioneer of the Confederation of Employee at GRI Plaza where he had worked.


One day while Daniel was praying in the upstair of his house, he was praying for the Cipinang GPdI church and after praying and opening his eyes and seeing on the wall, a picture of the hill and the House of God appeared. Just a few seconds later, the picture disappeared. Apparently God was giving a vision of Bukit Rhema which at that time he did not know what it meant.

As usual during Lebaran holidays, he and his family went to Borobudur (the location where his wife lived). There was a young villager named Jito who would look for grasses on the hill. Daniel was invited by Jito to climb to the hill, when he arrived at the hill he was amazed because the hill was the same as the vision and very beautiful.

After holiday he returned to Jakarta but the hill in the Gombong hamlet still remained in his mind. There was such kind of a magnet that invited him to return to Borobudur, Central Java.


It is true when The God calls us, we cannot avoid it. It made his desire to return to Borobudur unbearable, even though he already came from there for about 1 week, which usually he went there only once a year that is before Eid.

He returned to Borobudur and in the afternoon was willing to pray in the hill. His father-in-law did not allow him because there were still many snakes and evil spirits at that time.


The desire to pray in his heart was unstoppable, though as a man he was also a coward. The Holy Spirit constantly reminded him that the spirit in you was greater than the spirit in the world. Finally at 5 pm before sunset, he was alone going to the hill to pray, it was almost dark in the hill, under a tree Daniel began to praise and worship God. The atmosphere in the hill was very dark and cold, fortunately he was carrying a sarong and a flashlight.

There was fear but God warned him a verse that told him about the number of heavenly angels in surrounding believers, so his fear disappeared suddenly.


“If I think again with my common sense, I feel like a madman.” That night Daniel praised and worshiped very loudly, in the midnight he began to feel tired. He prayed and read the Bible then a verse enlarged in 1 Tawarikh 28:10, which written: Remember now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house into a holy place. Be strong and do it. ”

He still did not believe what he had read, and he read over and over again. But the message was still the same. Daniel was crying that night, it was God’s command for him! He said to God, “I am not a priest or a Churchman,” Why am i ordered to build Your house, then 20a verse: “Be strong and brave, and do that; do not be afraid and do not be discouraged, for the LORD Almighty God, my God is with you. “At about 4 am, Daniel came down from the hill with a strong belief after knowing the God’s plan.


As he came down from the hill, many villagers asked him if he met a madman who was screaming on the hill last night, in his heart he just smiling, well he was considered a madman.

Then he met the father-in-law to ask who the owner of the land on the hill. Apparently his father-in-law did not know, then he said goodbye to his father-in-law to go back to Jakarta. But he left a message to let him know if there are people who want to sell the land on the hill. On the way back to Jakarta, along the way he prayed, “If God has a plan in my life, let the people who have the land come to Jakarta.”

A week passed, it was right, God gave the signs, his father-in-law was sent by the landowner to meet Daniel in Jakarta, Landowner offered the land of 2,000 m2 for the price of IDR 8 million. In 1988, for him, that much money was his salary for one year. Daniel tried to bid IDR 1.5 million.

A month later, his father-in-law came back to Jakarta and was sent by different person again to offer Karangrejo land of 3,000 m2 for IDR 2 million and but the Daniel bargained the price into IDR 1.5 million. Fortunately, the landowner dealt with it and gave the the land to Daniel, but he was still confused since he did not have enough money to pay for it. God warned him if he had the deposit of Rp 2 million for the preparation of his son’s college expenses.

Daniel used his deposit money, a week later God gave and changed that money through a person who sent him an envelope in the Christmas parcels; he even did not remember the person.


After the 3,000 m2 land was successfully purchased, the land which was offered IDR 8 million could be also purchased for IDR 2 million. Finally in 1,5 years he could buy a land area of 1.5 hectares.


When submitting Building Permit, Head of Kembanglimus village did not want to sign, although he had got recommendation from PANGKOPKAMTIB (an acronym for Panglima Komando Operasi Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban or “Commander of Operational Command for the Restoration of Security and Order”), Mr. Sudomo (alm) who was the very powerful man at that time.

Since then, Daniel learned a lot of fasting prayers, one night he received the word from the LORD: Yesaya 56: 7 (NT) I will bring them into My holy mountain, and I will delight in the house of My prayer. I will accept the burnt offerings and their sacrifices offered on my altar, for My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

It turns out that all human beings have to be processed by God through the tests. Daniel had to wait four years after having the land on the hill that then he called it Bukit Rhema. Rhema is from Greek which means: the living Word and the Reality.

Four years was not a short time, in his wait he was desperate. Until one day he wrote a letter to Pastor David Yonggi Cho who had the largest church in the world at that time to ask for funds or cooperation. Daniel received a reply from Korea that made him aware: “Mr. Daniel, do you aware, our Lord Jesus has power to solve your problem and He is your finance sources.”

After that Daniel had never again asked humans for help. He realized this was God’s project, he had to ask the Almighty God and HE is our financial source.


Bukit Rhema was built for the House of Prayer for All Nations, nowadays Rhema Hill is widely known under the name of Chicken Church. Everyone can come to this place to pray and enjoy the greatness of God through beautiful scenery.

In addition, Bukit Rhema is also equipped with Educational Tour about the danger of drugs and about family, then there is also Culinary Tour with the opening of Kedai Rakyat W’Dank Bukit Rhema located on the back side of Bukit Rhema building.