Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said foreign tourists from China is still a government target to increase the number of tourist visits in Indonesia.

This year, the government is targeting foreign tourists coming to Indonesia to reach 15 million visits.

Arief said, currently every country is vying to bring in foreign tourists from China. One reason, the number of Chinese citizens traveling abroad reaches 120 million people annually.

“Yes to the whole world China is still a big target because they outbound 120 million,” he said at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (January, 24th 2017).

In addition, continued Arief, China is currently the largest economy in the world. So this country becomes a potential target to boost the number of foreign tourists in Indonesia.

“The economy is booming with the highest growth, like Japan in 1970-1980. That’s China, but the scale is much bigger, “he said.

Previously, the 4th National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Tourism, Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) targeted the visit of 15 million foreign tourists and 265 million tourists movement in 2017,

“The market conditions have changed. Tourists travel, ranging from searching and browsing information, booking tickets and paying online. Lifestyle travelers looking for information about tours are now done digitally, “said Arief.

Source : / (Dny/Nrm)