Bukit Rhema was built in 1992 by Daniel Alamsjah. He received a vision in 1988 to build a House of Prayer for All Nations after an overnight prayer in a place where Bukit Rhema built.

Daniel Young at first did not know that this place is in the village of Gombong Kembanglimus. Located at the corner of Borobudur.

Kedai Rakyat W’Dank Bukit Rhema is now opened. This cafe is located on the back of Bukit Rhema. The scenery is also beautiful with the view from the crown of the dove-shaped…


Daniel Alamsjah got the Vision to build Bukit Rhema in 1988 and began to build in 1992 over the hills of Menoreh, Magelang, Central Java.

Not Chicken Shaped

Bukit Rhema is actually in the form of dove-shaped. But many think that it is chicken-shaped. Bukit Rhema is not a Church, but a House of Prayer.

Seven Storeys

In the Bukit Rhema there are 7 floors and there will be Story Telling, Life Journey, Meaning of Prayer, Miracles, Local Wisdom and Multiculturalism.